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Verified Partners

allthelenders is a price comparison website for personal loan products, covering short term loans and longer term loans primarily for those with some history of adverse credit.

We work closely with many lenders and have what is called an ‘Introductory Relationship’ with the lender, which means that we may receive a commission from a lender when we introduce a customer to their loan products. The way in which we are remunerated will never have any affect on the cost of the loan to a customer and does not influence our price comparison results.

A verified partner is a lender that we have a direct relationship with. We undertake full due diligence with each verified partner so you can be sure that these lenders operate within the guidelines set out by the FCA. Lenders must demonstrate to us that their loan products are suitable for our customers, they have sufficient processes in place to deal with complaints or queries, they will handle your data in a fair and proper way and that their loan terms are suitable for our comparison site. Applying for a loan with a verified partner means your application will be sent directly to them for consideration first.

As part of our continued mission to help customers get the best deal possible, we have taken the decision to start comparing loans from lenders that we do not have an ‘Introductory Relationship’ with. Where you may see this notice in a comparison result, it means that we do not have any direct relationship with the lender and only partial due diligence would have been undertaken. These lenders are all FCA regulated and registered with the ICO however so you should expect them to offer a comparable service to Verified Partners.

By not being a Verified Partner does not mean the lender cannot be trusted or offers an inferior product to verified lenders. There are many reasons lenders may not wish to partner with us directly, however, we continue to pursue new relationships with lenders where possible.

You are unable to apply directly to a non-verified lender on our website, the comparison results are there for you to reference as there may be a non-verified lender that can offer you a more suitable loan – our objective is to give our customers as much information as possible about what could be available to you.

This is a new initiative we have undertaken and reserve to right to remove lenders or loan products according to our business goals and where we feel the lenders or loan products are no longer suitable. Please be aware that whilst we strive to cover as much of the market as possible, we do not cover the whole of the market and there may be instances where more suitable lenders or loan products could be available to you elsewhere.