With such a wide choice of lenders and loans to choose from, one of the challenges can be deciding which lender is most suited to your requirements.
Every lender has different acceptance criteria with some willing to lend to borrowers that other lenders wouldn’t be able to consider.

Our Eligibility Test has been designed to give you the best idea of which lenders are most likely to accept an application from you. By answering the questions below we will match your answers with the lenders answers and at the end give you a list of lenders that we believe are likely to consider your application.

This Eligibility Test is not a guarantee of a loan offer from a lender, it has been designed to help you identify short term lenders that you may have a better chance of getting accepted by. Please answer the questions honestly in order to get the most from this facility. You do not need to enter any personal information and nothing entered here is stored or shared anywhere else. There is no credit search involved in using this tool.

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