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allthelenders is at present the UK’s largest comparison website dedicated to the Payday & Short Term Loan industry, in terms of the number of lenders we compare. We do not make these claims lightly, at present there are no other websites offering the level of comparisons that we offer nor the amount of lenders that we compare.

Many other “comparison” websites in this industry may simply offer a list of loan providers with a basic comparison of a set amount (for example, they may tell you how much £100 borrowed over 30 days will cost you), however this is not a true comparison website.

Comparison sites should offer you unbiased and independent information, be totally transparent and offer you all of the information you need about the product you’re comparing. If you are not armed with all of the information that you need, you cannot make an informed decision and when looking at financial products this couldn’t be more important. On allthelenders, we tell you clearly all of the lenders that we are comparing at any one time and also those that we are not – this information is available on the Our Lenders page. We also provide more detail about the lenders and the loan products than anybody else.

Lenders have the ability to turn their adverts on and off with us at will, so the number of lenders we are comparing live may fluctuate from time to time. Today, Monday 23rd November 2015 we took a look at some of the other comparison sites that offer payday loan products or lenders and compared just how many loan providers we are comparing against them.

Here are the results:

Loan Comparison

When looking at these sites, we took the number of payday lenders that they are comparing and did not include brokers. It is important to remember that like us, these sites may add or remove lenders regularly.

As you can see, allthelenders compares far more lenders than any other website. We estimate that if all of the lenders that we have a commercial arrangement with advertise their products at the same time, we could cover approximately 80 – 90% of the online, High Cost Short Term Credit lending market (not including high street lenders).

We are also the only site to be 100% independent and impartial. Our comparison engine is exclusive, built in house and is not engineered to manipulate or order results according to our commercial arrangement with lenders. All of our results are driven by the Total Cost of the Loan and nothing else. We have exactly the same commercial arrangement with every lender on the site, nobody can pay more to appear higher up the results and the Our Lenders page also loads randomly ensuring we remain completely impartial.