allthelenders offers a simple way to compare personal loans online. Start by using our calculator and choosing how much you want to borrow and how long for and then click ‘Compare.’ We will show you a list of personal loan lenders that have been filtered to meet your requirements.

Personal loans are financial products typically taken out by individuals for lifestyle purposes including home improvements, debt consolidation, education, wedding, holidays and more.

By nature, personal loans are unsecured meaning that you do not need any form of collateral or security to be eligible. Instead, your eligibility is based on your proof of your income, credit score and ability to pay back your loan on time.

Personal loans are set at a fixed rate of interest and over a fixed time period – so borrowers will typically know how much they are repaying each month and how long for. There is also the option to repay your loan early and most of the lenders we work with do not charge any fees for doing so.

Apply for Personal Loans with allthelenders

allthelenders compares the largest number of lenders in the UK and has become one of the most established comparison sites for short term loans. If you apply for personal loans through our website, there are no upfront fees and you will simply be taken to the lender’s website where you can apply directly.

Customers can apply to borrow £100 to £7,200 in the form of personal loans, and repaid over 1 to 60 months in equal monthly instalments. The application form typically only takes around 5 minutes to complete and you will be asked to include information such as your name, age, residence, income and employment.

Our lenders will always carry out further checks to ensure that you can afford to repay your loan – and this usually involves carrying out a credit check and affordability measures to confirm your income. If successfully approved and you have signed an online loan agreement, you will receive the funds transferred to your bank account in one lump sum.

Every lender featured on our website, allthelenders ensures that they are fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and are committed to responsible lending practices. This will keep you assured that any information you provide is secure and you have a lender who is acting in your best interests.

Personal Loans with Low Interest

Personal loans tend to have lower interest rates than other unsecured products such as payday loans and cash advances. This is because they are commonly used by people with good credit and those that have demonstrated an ability to repay loans in the past. This means that the rates charged can sometimes be as little as 3% to 9% per month, with the best rates reserved for good credit histories.