Our goal at allthelenders is to bring you the widest possible choice of payday loan lenders and short term installment loan lenders that operate within the UK. We have worked hard to build relationships with lenders and whilst we compare more lenders than any other comparison site in this sector, not all lenders are included within our search results.

Please remember that whilst we strive to include as many lenders as possible in the comparison results, we are a privately owned business and have a requirement to make money in order to keep the site running, with this in mind we only include lenders in our comparison results that we have a commercial arrangement in place with – please note that the commercial arrangements we have do not affect the results as they are entirely impartial.

It is possible that there is a loan provider that is not compared on allthelenders that may suit your requirements better than any of the lenders we compare.

Lenders that we do not have a commercial arrangement with are still shown on the site under Our Lenders–>Lenders we are not currently comparing.

There are several reasons lenders may appear under ‘Lenders we are not currently comparing’:

  • At the time of writing, existing lenders that we do have a commercial relationship with have the ability to stop and start their campaigns at will so they will not necessarily show in the results at all times. For example, lenders that cannot lend over the weekend will typically pause their adverts over the weekend and restart on Monday.
  • A lender may appear here if we do not have an agreement in place for them to appear in the results. We include every lender that we are aware of in the ‘Lenders we are not currently comparing’ section but we do not show them in the comparison results as we do not know enough about their product to enable us to offer certified comparison results. We hope to eventually include all lenders within our comparisons.
  • The UK Payday Loan market is constantly evolving and new lenders are entering the market and existing lenders are leaving the market very regularly. We strive to keep an up to date list of all lenders under the Our Lenders section, however we may not always have every lender shown here particularly if they have recently started lending.
  • A lender simply may not wish to work with us, or any other site, or be compared to other lenders.

We recommend that you only use lenders that we are actively comparing to ensure that you are dealing with an active lender that can offer you a loan at the time that you need it.