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Emergency cash allows you to borrow money to pay for an immediate or urgent expense. We never know when something unexpected is going to happen in life and although we try to save for those rainy days, sometimes we need a little extra cash to see us through.

Whether it is a boiler on the brink or some urgent car repairs that you need to fix in order to drive to work or take the children to school, we can help. allthelenders is a regulated price comparison website and works with over 50 lenders in the UK.

Using our comparison tool, you can enter how much you need to borrow and how long you would like to borrow for. We will give you a list of results with the lenders who are best suited for your requirements. You can apply directly with the lender and there are no upfront fees.

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Apply for Emergency Cash Loans Online

If you need money for emergencies, you will be able to apply with one of our featured lenders in less than 5 minutes. You will receive an instant decision on the screen and further to some underwriting, credit and affordability checks, your funds can be transferred to your debit account within 15 minutes or less than 1 hour of approval.

When you need an emergency cash loan, you do not want to spend extra time going to the bank or filling in lots of paperwork and waiting for a result. At allthelenders, our featured lenders provide an online application and all the checks are carried out online, saving you a lot of time and hassle and allowing you to get funded when you need it most.

Every lender on our website is authorised by the FCA and is committed to responsible lending and treating customers fairly. When you apply, you can have peace of mind knowing that your information is treated safely and securely and you will not be charged any fees for applying.

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What Are Emergency Cash Loans Used for?

Emergency cash loans are used to cover a shortfall in cash, when our savings or monthly income is just not enough to see us through the month. This is usually as a result of unforeseen circumstances. The most common reasons for emergency loans including:

  • Keeping up with credit card debt or utility bills
  • Car repairs
  • Home repairs e.g new flooring, new locks
  • Expensive heating bills due to cold winter
  • Broken boilers and flooding at home
  • Emergency medical bills
  • Emergency pet bills

In recent years, UK households have opted for payday loans as a way to cover their short term expenses. The idea is that you receive the money upfront to pay for your emergency and then pay off the loan in full on your next payday from work, hence the name payday loan.

However, many consumers have found these loans have put pressure on their finances to come up with the full repayment and interest by the end of the month. allthelenders is proud to offer a number of viable payday loans alternatives which include instalment loans that are repaid over 3 to 24 months, giving you the necessary breathing space to pay off your loan.

What To Do When You Need Money For an Emergency

When you need emergency cash, one of the most popular things to do is find loans online and apply. allthelenders is proud to be offer a free and transparent price comparison tool to help you find the right loan for you, at the lowest cost possible.

However, we also encourage customers to seek other low-cost alternatives which could include using zero percent credit cards, credit unions and also borrowing from family and friends.

If you are looking to apply for a loan, it is important to note that they are used for emergency purposes only and not frivolous spending. Before applying, take a few minutes to assess your financial situation and consider how you will be repaying your loan on time every month.

How Do Repayments Work for Emergency Loans?

The lenders featured on allthelenders will typically arrange equal monthly repayments – so that you know exactly how much you will be repaying each month. All you need to do is make sure that you have money available in your account on that specific day for collection.

When borrowing money with our lenders, you are in control. You can select exactly which day you would like your repayments to come in, and most people will choose the day that they get paid from work, which is usually the last Friday of the month or the 25th of each month.

Loan providers will use a system called continuous payment authority which collects the amount owed from your debit account each month on the scheduled date. This is an automatic system used for recurring payments and means that you do not have to call up, go to the bank or send anything in the post – as it is all taken care of. Simple.

How allthelenders Can Help

At allthelenders, we are committed to responsible lending and want to help customers compare products and find the right loans for them. Using our price calculator is simple and if you click on ‘compare now’ below you can start your search.

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