Weird and Wonderful Ways to Earn Money

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Most of us could do with a little more money, whether for treats or saving up for a holiday, and there are actually a number of simple ways of earning extra. Some are even fun.

1. Get Cash for Empty Ink Cartridges

Most of us just throw empty cartridges away, but a number of companies (such as Cash for Cartridges and The Recycling Factory) will pay you up to £4.50 for each empty cartridge.

2. Do Market Research

Market researchers may be experts, but they need ordinary people to give their opinions, who get paid for sessions. Make sure you do your homework, though, as some companies advertising for market research are scams.

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3. Test Apps

If you love playing around on your smartphone, you can get paid to do it. Testing and rating an app is likely to take no more than 15 minutes, so you can fit it into your lunch break.

4. Sell Your Number Plate

If your number plate has a distinctive combination, there are people who’ll pay good money for it. You could even hit lucky and get the name of a celebrity — you can charge a good price for that.

5. Offer to Dog Walk

Not everyone with a dog can keep them exercised during the week. If you have time spare and get on well with dogs, you can get paid for having fun with other people’s pooches.

6. Be a Life Model

Wherever you live, there’ll be an art class near you that needs life models. They want all kinds of bodies (old and young, fat and thin) — all you need is to be able to hold a pose.

7. Rent Your Parking Space

If you have parking space that isn’t being used, there are people who’ll happily pay you for regular use of it.

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8. Be a Film Extra

Film and TV production companies constantly need extras, for crowds or even for dead bodies. You can spend some spare time in the glittering world of showbiz — you could even get to meet a star.

9. Be a Tour Guide

You may be an expert on the area you live in, and if that’s a place that attracts tourists, who better to show them around? Websites such as Vayable allow you to sign up to be matched with tourists, and you set your own rate.

10. Take a Student as a Tenant

Foreign exchange students need somewhere to stay, often just for a few weeks. If you have a spare room, you can make a good rental income from taking them in.