Sky Quid & The Scammers

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This article is several years old, however, we have kept it live as some people still need to understand what may have happened in this instance, even though Sky Quid no longer trade. This type of scam still very much exists today – if you are ever asked to pay money to apply for a loan NEVER do this.

Over the past few months we have been contacted by lots of people asking if we are Sky Quid in relation to loans that have been promised to them.

We would like to confirm that we are in no way associated with Sky Quid and there is currently a scam taking place with fraudsters using Sky Quids name. We have spoken with Sky Quid, who are a genuine loan company, and they are aware of this scam and have reported this to the Financial Conduct Authority. This is the official notice from Sunny Marketing Limited (who own and operate as Sky Quid):

We do not let individuals pay a deposit in order to receive a loan. We only collect funds after lending to borrowers the amount as per agreed collection date.

Please be aware that we do not use the following email: [email protected]

We have received complaints from individuals who are trying to contact another lender or a group of people who are using SkyQuid details into giving them money (pay deposit to receive a loan).

Due to numerous complaints from the public who had money taken from their bank account, we have passed all information to the Financial Conduct Authority (, the authority responsible for loan companies for them to investigate this.

We also recommend that you obtain a crime reference number form your local police station.


The fraudsters in question contact potential borrowers and make promises of large loans in return for upfront payments. They will inform you that you need to make several deposits in order to secure the loan, a practice that targets the most vulnerable of borrowers.

If you have been contacted by someone supposedly from Sky Quid asking for the following, you should end the call immediately and block/not answer any further calls from them:

  • Payments made directly into a bank account of their choosing in order to secure the loan
  • Payments in the form of UKash or iTunes vouchers

Having spoken to many people that have been or were currently in conversation with these fraudsters, it seems that they have access to multiple bank accounts and use a wide variety of names. They may also become agitated or aggressive when you challenge them over the payments they are asking you to make.

They appear to be offering large loans, some in the region of around £20,000 which is something that Sky Quid simply do not offer.

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Please remember the following points if you are contacted by Sky Quid and you are suspicious of their requests:

  • Sky Quid will never contact you over the phone offering you a loan
  • Sky Quid will never ask you for any payment upfront for any of their loans
  • DO NOT hand over any of your bank account or debit card details
  • Do not confirm or give them any of your personal details
  • The fraudsters have been known to use background noises so it seems they are in a busy call centre to try and make the call seem more genuine
  • If you have any doubts about the validity of the call, end it immediately. They will more than likely call you again from several different numbers – you should try and avoid these calls at all costs and block any numbers that you know are from them (if you use an iPhone, you can open the Calls app, click on Recents at the bottom then click the i next to the number, at the bottom of this page you can block the number.
  • Do not be intimidated by them, you will never receive the loan they are promising and will only make any financial situation you are in worse.

You can use the following services to report the scam:

Action Fraud
Financial Conduct Authority Scam Report