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allthelenders offers independent and impartial comparisons of UK payday loan and short term loan lenders. Use our free comparison tool and get the best deal on your next loan, or use our Eligibility Test to find out the lenders that will accept you before applying.

We only work with direct lenders so you will never be sent to a broker using allthelenders. All of the companies we work with are FCA authorised and specialise in helping people with poor credit.

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What is a payday loans direct lender?

When you search for or find a payday loans direct lender you will be dealing with the actual company that will lend you the money. They will be the company that you have a legal loan agreement with and they are not a broker or any other kind of intermediary.

It can sometimes be hard finding the actual lenders themselves, hidden amongst a world of brokers that look like lenders, direct lenders can often be hidden deep down the search results.

How do I know who is a direct lender?

There are many payday loan broker sites around that can look very similar to lender sites. They will often use the same kind of language you would expect a lender to use, something like ‘We can get your loan to you in 15 minutes’, however, what they really mean is that they can send your details to various lenders and the lender may be able to get the funds to you in 15 minutes.

It can be very confusing, and frustrating, for the consumer when you go through an application believing you’re applying directly to a lender and only right at the end you see they’re a broker.

If you are insistent on applying directly to a lender, there are a couple of things you could do to make sure you’re applying to a lender:

  • Read the website carefully, check the language – credit brokers (like us) have to tell you clearly on the website that they are a broker and not a lender. If you cannot see this, check for phrases like ‘we will search our panel of lenders’.
  • Check the FCA register. In the footer of every website you should see the company details – if you cannot see a real address and phone number leave the site. Here you should also see the company’s FCA licence number. You can use this number to search the FCA register and see if they are a lender or not, if they’re a broker it will say Credit Broking under the Permissions tab, if they’re a lender it will say ‘ Authorised to enter into a high-cost credit agreement’.

Is it better to apply with a direct lender or a broker?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. On the whole, you may have more success applying with a trusted and fully authorised credit broker and they’ll have access to a much wider market.

In many cases using a broker will help you get the best rate possible. Applying with a lender is convenient because you know exactly where your details are going, but by doing this you only have one chance at getting a loan – once that lender credit checks you it will leave a mark on your credit file and if you keep applying directly to lenders, this will harm your credit score.

If you consider a broker, choose one that allows a soft search of your credit file to see which lenders would accept your application first. We use this technology on our Eligibility Checker and we can search over 30 different lenders with one simple application. We can then tell you which lenders would accept your application before you have to undergo a full credit check.

What are the benefits of using a Direct Lender?

There are several benefits to applying directly with a lender, including:

  • Trust. You can trust direct lender sites implicitly and you know that if you apply there, only they will be receiving your personal details.
  • Control. As mentioned above, you are in control over who exactly has access to your private information.
  • Rates. If you apply directly with a lender they will give you an instant decision and tell you the exact cost of the loan as they would have performed a full credit search. Brokers may only be able to give you an estimate based on a soft search.
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Are direct lender loans cheaper?

Generally, no. Lenders are able to offer you actual rates where brokers may be able to offer you an estimate of the cost of a loan, however, that’s not to say that the broker is wrong.

If a broker says the cost of the loan would be approximately £200 for example, if you apply with the lender the loan would still be the same cost regardless of whether you applied directly or not – using a broker doesn’t make the cost of the loan more expensive.

Brokers will only show you results and amounts that the lenders themselves return to them, the numbers you see are not generated by the broker. However, the lender could only return an approximate result based on a soft search so there is every chance that when you leave the broker site to apply with the lender, the rate will change.

Where can I compare lenders?

Occasionally you may only find some lenders on broker websites or on comparison websites, like allthelenders.

We work with not only the mainstream lenders that you may have heard of but also newer – more niche – lenders that you may not ever come across without using a site like ours.

We are one of the largest price comparison websites for payday loans and short term loans so if you’re looking for a wide choice of lenders and honest, reliable price comparisons for short term loans then head over to our homepage and compare payday lenders now.

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