Our loan comparison website’s comparison rates

Why are the amounts displayed on allthelenders different to what I was offered from the lender?

There are many reasons why the amounts we display on allthelenders may vary to what you have been offered from a lender and we’d like to look a little closer at some of these reasons now. The most important thing to remember is that our results are accurate for the periods we compare, however the following needs to be considered:

– Our comparison rates for Payday Loans are 100% accurate

– When we compare Instalment Loans (weekly or monthly) we base our comparisons on a 30 day month for all lenders. We assume your first repayment will be due in exactly 30 days from today. Typically your first repayment would be much sooner than this (many people apply for credit in the middle of the month) therefore if a lender offers you a loan, the amount may be less than we have displayed due to the first repayment being within just a few days or weeks. As interest is typically charged daily, the shorter you have the loan for, the cheaper the loan will be.

– The assumption we make is the same for every lender, so the results are always relative and fair.

– Many lenders on their websites use sliders to give example repayment amounts. Each company has different ways to display their rates and some compare their monthly loans on the basis of there being just 30 days in each month (as we do), some lenders sliders presume your next payday and some work on 31 day months. With this in mind, sometimes the amounts we display will vary from lender websites. You should always remember, the results displayed on lender websites are not always actual rates and the rate you are offered and the repayments may vary dependent on your circumstances and the term of the loan.

There are also other things to consider when comparing rates, there are many other factors taken into consideration when a lender underwrites a loan application – these could include:


– The amount you would like to borrow and over how long (some lenders may reduce their rates for longer term loans)

– Your existing relationship with the lender – our rates are typical for first time customers. If you have borrowed from a lender before, you may be eligible for preferential rates

– Your risk – a lender may be willing to lend to you, however if you are considered a higher risk borrower then they may offer you a loan at a higher rate than we have displayed – this however should never exceed the legal interest rate cap of 0.8% per day (292% interest per year).

– Whilst we check lender rates very regularly, there may be occasions where a lender changes a rate before informing us or us finding out. We cannot be held responsible for loan offers that do not match our comparison results – it is your responsibility to check the loan amount, repayment schedule and the total amount repayable before signing your loan agreement.

allthelenders is the most accurate payday and short term loan comparison site, we go to extreme lengths to ensure the results we display are correct in order to give our visitors the best information available.

If you have any questions or queries about our comparison services, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.