Secret Ways to Save Money on Holiday


We all know how easy it can be to get carried away on holiday: eating more, drinking more, exhausting ourselves as we play the tourist, all of which can end up playing havoc on our finances, even if we have managed to nab ourselves a fantastically cheap holiday deal. So how can you avoid overspending? All The Lenders is not just for payday loans in the UK but has also put together expert tips on secret ways you can keep the costs low whilst you are on holiday.

Invest in a smart water bottle

One of the main things we all end up spending money on is bottled water on holiday, especially if the country we are going to does not have clean water readily available. If you are holidaying with family, the cost of buying multiple bottles can soon add up, especially as shops will tend to ramp up the price knowing tourists will be purchasing by the dozen.

Why not think ahead, and invest in a water bottle that has an inbuilt filtration system. There are a number of different ones available on the market, that can filter safe drinking water from anywhere in the world, making it an incredibly cost-efficient buy, and it provides peace of mind that wherever you are, you can be sure that the water you are drinking is safe.water-bottle

Take advantage of breakfast buffets

Manage to secure a holiday that entitles you to a free breakfast at the buffet? Make sure that you get up early enough and take full advantage of this. This is an excellent way to cut down on money spent on food if you are watching the pennies. Pick up supplies such as bread rolls, yoghurt, pastries and fruit, all food that can be easily transported and used whilst you are out and about for the day.


Avoid the tourist hubs

If you stick to only the main tourist areas and destinations, you can expect your holiday to be more expensive than if you decide to take a route 10 or 20 minutes of the beaten track. This is why it is worth heading further out, whether it be to rent a bike, go for dinner, a coffee, or to go shopping as you could end up dramatically reducing the amount you spend.

Shopping tax-free

Unfortunately, if you are travelling within the EU, you won’t be able to do tax or duty-free shopping on holiday. However, if you go away outside of these member states, remember to keep all your receipts as you can potentially get a refund on local taxes in the country. Keep these and then present them at the airport before leaving the destination.

Visit the pound shop before you go

Most, if not all pound shops in the UK stock all the travel essentials you need for going away, and this can be an excellent way to stock up on all the items you need where quality isn’t hugely important (and on products that can often be ridiculously overpriced if you decide to buy them last-minute at an airport) think about things such as cheap eye masks, bottles for travel size toiletries, padlocks, travel cushions and plug adaptors.

Research travel passes

Obviously, you will save the most money on travel whilst away if you decide to walk to your destinations whenever you possibly can, however, if you do decide to take public transport, research thoroughly beforehand. Most countries will offer some sort of transport pass that allows you to save a significant amount of money on tickets, but you will usually need to get these in advance. Some passes will also include discounts or free admission to popular tourists spots too, so this is well worth investigating too.

Take library books

If you are going away for just a week or two, it could be worth taking out a library book abroad with you instead of buying one at the airport. Most libraries will need the books back within a three week to a month period (and this can often be extended) meaning that you get to enjoy a new read whilst abroad without spending any money at all.

Enquire about possible discounts

Not everywhere abroad will openly advertise the discounts they offer to certain age groups (for example, the over 60s, those under 18 and students), therefore, if you fall under any of these categories, be sure to keep your discount card, or ID on you and ask about discounts when at popular tourist spots to potentially reduce the amount of cash you spend.

Pack your own food essentials

You could save a considerable amount of money in room service bills by deciding to bring some light food essentials with you in your luggage. For example, think about taking items such as your favourite tea bags, instant pasta or noodles, sweets or crisps that you can take out with you for lunch or snacks whilst on holiday.

Make sure you have an EHIC card

You should always make sure that you have taken out travel insurance whenever you go abroad, but making sure you have an EHIC card should also be a top priority to ensure that the cost of treatment if you need it in an emergency is covered until you return to the UK. The European Health Insurance Card is completely free and enables you to receive state provided healthcare for free or at a discounted rate in member states. You should apply for your card at least three weeks before going on holiday, and remember to keep it on you at all times whilst you are on holiday in Europe.