Save money in the New Year

Toy bricks on the table

Ringing out the old and ringing in the new means there’s a good chance that in the run up to the holiday season, and during it, you may have spent rather more money than you had anticipated or intended. Then come the weeks and months when you’re looking to reduce your outgoings, and you can make a real difference to the amount of money left in your wallet or purse by shopping carefully. These tips should help you with your budgeting.

Resist those special offers

Yes, they can appear very tempting, but are you really getting a good deal? Food wastage is extremely high in our society, and supermarkets would rather sell food rather than dump it or, in some cases, give it away free to charities. Let’s say there’s an offer of two bags of potatoes for £2.50 instead of one for £1.50. If you take them both, you won’t actually have saved money but spent more. Supermarkets want a high turnover of food products, especially fresh ones, so they’ll do what they can to get you to spend more thinking you have got a bargain. Watch out too for yellow or red £1 labels and check they are not more expensive than other packs. You assume they aren’t, but you could be wrong.

Don’t always buy prepared food for lunch

When you look at the cost of a sandwich from a sandwich shop and then add up what the ingredients cost, you have the perfect opportunity to cut down on your shopping bills by making your own. You’re paying for someone’s preparation time, the convenience and contributing to the shop’s overheads. Nothing wrong with that, but if it’s saving money you’re after, then doing it yourself is a sensible option for lunchtime.