How to save money this summer


How to save money this summer

It is gradually starting to get warmer, and our minds start to turn to planning for the summer months, and how we are going to keep control of costs, whether it be the long school holidays and keeping the kids amused, or the expenses involvedĀ in going away to sunnier climates abroad. A payday loan can be one of the ways to help you cover the costs in the short-term whilst you get your finances in order, and there are a number of other ways you can save cash this summer. We take a look at how.

Planning a staycation

Need inspiration for having a staycation this year? Take a look at Cornwall, a popular destination for holidaymakers looking to spend their summer in England.

Many of us automatically consider going abroad during the summer months, but can you actually afford to do so? This doesn’t mean you have to skip having a nice, relaxing break completely, in fact, you could go on a staycation somewhere in the UK instead for far cheaper. Staycations are becoming an increasingly popular option especially in the last couple of years, with the hospitality industry booming as a result of a 70 percent increase in holidaymakers opting to stay in the UK since 2016, with the South West of England proving to be the most popular option. Saving money on the cost of flights, luggage and expensive hotels, it is easy to see why staycations are becoming more appealing than ever.

Travel during off-peak times

As the weather gets better, you may decide to visit family or friends over one of the long bank holiday weekends, or as a way to keep the kids occupied off school. However, we all know how train travel can end up becoming incredibly expensive. That’s why you should try wherever possible to travel at off-peak times and book in advance to get the very best deals. If you are travelling with a partner, you could also look at getting a ‘couple’s railcard‘ which can further reduce the cost of your tickets.

Dry your clothes in the sun

Save money on your energy bills by deciding to dry your clothes outside. It usually dries much quicker too!

Take advantage of the good weather and dry your clothes in the sun by placing a clothes horse outside, or peg items on the line. Tumble dryers use a considerable amount of energy, and this provides an easy way to reduce your costs this summer without much effort in doing so.

Hire wedding outfits

Summertime is always a popular time for weddings, but this can often end up becoming quite expensive for guests: travel costs, accommodation and also often a brand new wedding outfit to consider to. To be more frugal this summer why not look at hiring an outfit this summer? It is likely to be much more cost-effective than buying an outfit yourself, especially when you may just wear it only once.

Eat al fresco

It can be tempting to just rock up to the local restaurant or bar and end up spending a small fortune on dining outside as soon as it starts to get a bit sunny, but for most, this isn’t sustainable. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t still eat and drink outdoors. Why not looking at creating your own DIY outdoor meal instead? Arrange your own BBQ or picnic in your garden or at a local park, buying everything you need at your local supermarket. This is much likely to be cheaper, especially when it comes to alcohol, where restaurants tend to have the biggest mark up on booze. Keep an eye out for money off coupons too, as supermarkets tend to run a lot more promotions during the summer months to tempt customers into dining outdoors.

Run outside

It is not often that sunny in the UK, so make the most of it and do your exercise outside!

When the weather is gloomy and wet, having a gym membership is far more appealing to have, after all, who really likes exercising when it is pouring with rain and cold outside? However, when the sun is shining, take advantage of the fresh summer air, and cancel your gym membership.

Cancel streaming subscriptions

Sure, it is easy enough to spend the colder months inside cosied up on the sofa watching Netflix or Amazon Prime, but when it starts to get sunny you should start to consider how much you need to have the streaming subscriptions. You are likely to not be in as much spending a greater amount of time outdoors, and with most services running on a month-by-month basis you can easily sign back up again in autumn when it gets colder again, and you will probably feel a bit less guilt too for cancelling your subscription and making the most of the great weather.