How to Save Money Over the Weekend


The weekend fast approaching, we offer some great tips to save money and still have maximum enjoyment over those precious two days of freedom.

For most people, it is at the weekend that we make our biggest expenses. Having a full-time job will prevent the masses from having the means to go out and spend big on a weekday, unless one is prone to some sneaky online shopping during office hours. Nevertheless, the weekends are for socialising, and going out for meals, drinks and activities seems to have gotten more expensive than ever lately. Here are our tips on how to save money over from Friday through Saturday, without sacrificing your social life

Host Dinner Parties

Many of us use the weekend as the green light for expensive meals out and trips to bars which almost never come without a hefty bill at the end of the night. Instead of spending away your hard-earned money on a meal out, consider hosting a dinner party instead. Home-cooked food and shop-bought wine is infinitely cheaper than what you will find in restaurant, and you will definitely be able to get a lot more for your money.


You won’t have to provide all of the food and drinks yourself; have your guests bring a dish each as well as a bottle, and enjoy yourselves in the privacy of your own home. By hosting at your place you will be able to save on travel costs, too!

Shop for Deals on Activities

There are plenty of sources for finding deals and offers on activities online, all you have to do is look do your research. If you live in London, make sure to visit TimeOut to explore the best things the city has to offer at the time, and which activities you may be able to save good money on doing now.

Groupon is also a popular site that connects you with vouchers and discount codes for a plethora of services and activities all over the country. Their categories of offerings include: Things To Do; Beauty & Spas; Restaurants; Goods; Getaways; Health & Fitness, and more.

Do Something Free

Why spend money on an activity when you can do something for free? Most cities in the UK have a huge offering of free things to do, from art galleries to landmarks and tourist attractions. If you live in a rural area where such things are few and far between, take the weekend to go on some long and healthy walks and catch some good scenery.

The best way to find free things to do in any location is to search the web, many sites and people will have stellar recommendations as to how to spend your time with little to no spending money. Alternatively, ask around your group of friends to find out where they like to go for free on the weekends.

Have a Restful Weekend

Alternatively, you might want to consider taking the weekend to simply rest and get your energy back before you go back to work. When was the last time you had a duvet day? It can be tempting to cram lots of things to do into the two days you do have off work, but it can be incredibly rewarding to give yourself some downtime and catch up on those long sleeps you probably haven’t had for years. The best part of it all is that this way, you will probably spend no time at all!

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