How to save money on going out


How to save money on going out

We understand how quickly the costs of entertainment and going out can add up. We can feel torn between wanting to go out and spend time with family and friends and dolling out money on memorable experiences and also want to save cash. A payday loan can help you make your budget stretch further to do the things you want to, but always remember that you should only use it on a short-term basis. We take a look at some other ideas that can help you to save the pennies when going out too.

Join a cinema chain

According to The Guardian, the average price of a cinema ticket now comes to a whopping £7.41, and that’s before even taking into consideration the additional costs of things like popcorn and drinks, which are known to be elevated in price at the cinema. One way to cut down on going out is to get a cinema membership. Many chains offer cut-price tickets if you join one of them, but this only proves cost-effective if you like going to the cinema regularly.

Be theatre savvy

Planning ahead when it comes to going to the theatre is key if you want to get reasonably priced tickets.

Going to the theatre, especially in London, can be extremely expensive these days, with the most popular shows (such as the Hamilton) currently fetching nearly £200 a ticket. However, if you are savvy about the way in which you buy tickets you can cut down on costs. Buying early, especially if there is big-name involved is key, or if you do find yourself going to the theatre last minute, try getting them for a midweek matinee (these tend to be the cheapest available) or trying to get them on the day before 10.30 am, where seats are known to drop in price.

Look at meal deals

If we’ve gone for an evening out with friends or family, it is often the case we will decide to go out for dinner as part of going out. However, the cost of doing so can end up becoming pretty expensive, but there are ways you can save money and still go out to eat. For example look at sites such as, which lets users see last-minute deals on restaurants in their location. In addition, if you regularly go out for meals, why not look at investing in a Tastecard? they provide many money-off deals at restaurants, including two-for-one offers.

Sign up to free screenings

Where you aware that you could be able to nab yourself free movie tickets for previews of new films? It is possible if you sign up through websites such as Free Movies UK, which provides its members with movie codes to see preview screenings, or Showfilmfirst, providing you fit that you fit their target audience for that particular film.

Choosing happy hour

Want to go out for drinks with friends to celebrate a special occasion, but worried about the cost of rounds? Do a bit of research beforehand and check bars near to you that have a happy hour, so you can enjoy your night out without being stressed about the cost.

Check event deals

Still want to have dinner with friends or family but want to spend less? Consider organising a dinner party instead.

Why not look at websites such as Groupon where you may find fantastic online deals for groups of people. It may be a money-saving offer on a restaurant dinner, a spa break, perhaps getting your nails done. Whatever it is you want to do, you will be sure to find it!

Host a dinner party

You don’t necessarily need to go out in order to be social, why not host a dinner party instead? You could ask every to bring a small starter or dish, spreading out the cost of food and drink between you, meaning you still get to spend quality time with those you love, but without breaking the bank.

Agree to not do rounds

If money was no object, doing rounds and buying everyone their drinks once in a while is something we’d all like to do to treat the people we love. However, if you are looking to save pennies, paying for rounds is not going to help you with your goal. It can be awkward to say no to rounds if everyone is doing them, so mutually agree with friends before going out to avoid doing rounds.

Don’t take your credit or debit card out with you

If you are intending to go out for a night on the tiles but worried that you may spend too much money on drinks and entertainment, it may be best to leave your credit or debit card at home, so you don’t get tempted to spend more than you can afford to.