How to Save Money During Your Holiday Abroad

Save money during holidays

In difficult financial times, it can be a struggle to afford the holiday abroad we look forward to. But does this mean we have to give up on our dreams? Not necessarily, but it means remembering to take every money-saving opportunity.

Save Money on Booking

Hopefully you do your homework to find the best bargains available, but that isn’t the only saving you can make. If you’re looking for your holiday online, search engines such as or Rpoints offer cashback for booking through them. This can be up to 10%, a substantial slice of your holiday’s cost.

Also, check when your destination country has its summer holidays. If you can avoid those dates, you might find your booking costs a good deal less.

Keep Your Currency Costs Down

The pound is currently weak against the Dollar and the Euro, which means you’ll get less of them for your pounds. It may be worth checking out countries that don’t use these currencies.

Whatever currency you’re converting to, it pays to shop around — and don’t assume you’re getting a good deal just because it’s described as commission-free. Rates at airports are always high, but high street exchanges vary a good deal. Keep an eye open for companies like Travelex, who offer a refund if you find a better deal.

Even better than currency, though, is to get a prepaid travel money card, which allows you charge-free transactions and withdrawals abroad. Ideally, look for one under the umbrella of MasterCard or Visa.

Look for Cheaper Travel

We usually take it for granted the way to get to a foreign country is to fly, but there are often much cheaper alternatives, especially for relatively short distances. For destinations like Ireland or France, going by bus can save you a good deal of money. Even further afield in Europe, rail travel is often comfortable, efficient and low-cost.

Save by Preparing

There are various savings you can make by planning ahead. When using your phone abroad, for instance, you can sometimes get hit by substantial roaming charges. If you get an international SIM card before you leave, you can get rid of roaming charges or, if you only want to make calls, you can get a prepaid international phone card to use at payphones.

Every saving helps, and you can avoid the cost of guide-books by borrowing them from your local library. Alternatively, much of the information is available free online.

For more suggestions on saving money on holiday, feel free to contact us.