Five simple ways to save money on your utility bills


When monthly gas, water and electricity bills arrive, you must pay them or risk getting the utilities cut. The best way to cope with them is to take measures to reduce your utility bills.

  1. Don’t fill the kettle to the brim

If you want to boil one cup of water, then boil just a cup. If you boil more water than you need, it is an unnecessary waste of electricity. Your kettle will use more electricity to boil that extra water, and this will cause a spike in your electricity bill.

  1. Keep taps turned off

Many of us wash our dishes under running taps, but you are wasting water by doing this. Close the tap while washing dishes and then turn it on when you want to rinse and clean the dishes. You can also reduce your water bill by taking a shower instead of a bath. You will be amazed at how something so simple can impact your water bill.

  1. Switch off electrical appliances and gadgets

It is so easy and convenient to keep the TV, stereo and computer on standby mode. However, did you know that even on standby mode, electrical appliances and gadgets use electricity? If you aren’t using your electrical goods, switch them off to bring down your electricity bill.

  1. Install energy efficient light bulbs

Although tedious, changing light bulbs across your home can help you save a lot. Homeowners are gradually shifting to LED bulbs as they can have a significant impact on the electricity bill. If you find the bulbs too expensive, contact your local council. Some tend to give away LED bulbs for free as a part of energy incentive programmes.

  1. Draught excluders

You may think draught excluders are old-fashioned, but installing them around your home will make your heating more efficient by keeping draughts at bay. This will reduce your heating costs and save you money.