Dealing with financial difficulties


If you should ever find yourself in financial difficulties and your salary is still a couple of days away, what would you do?

Here are a few tips for dealing with such a financial crisis if you should ever face one:

• Keep your cool:

Never let your emotions get the better of you. When you start panicking, it can become extremely difficult to think clearly, and when you’re not thinking clearly, it is almost impossible to think of a proper solution to your problem.

• Rate your expenses in order of importance:

Make this a priority. Since you will have limited finances, you need to allot them to appropriate areas such as food, rent, electricity and water charges. If you own a car, try using public transport to save on petrol expenses.

• Contact your creditors:

If you find yourself with outstanding credit and unable to make your payments on time, contact your creditors and explain your situation to them.

• Part-time job:

If you’re unable to meet your current expenses with the income from your job, maybe you should consider getting an additional part-time job.

• Cut down on expenses:

Spend your limited funds on “needs” only and not “wants.” Don’t make frivolous purchases.

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