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Welcome to allthelenders, your one stop shop for comparing the cost of payday loans & short term loans as well as personalised eligibility checks for personal loans and credit cards. For more than 10 years we have been helping people get access to the credit they need, when they need it. We work with one of the largest panel of lenders in the UK and offer you honest, fair and totally impartial comparisons on a range of different financial products. Warwick Financial Services Limited is an authorised credit broker and not a lender.

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Use our Lender Eligibility Check to find your next loan or credit card

When you need a loan, it can be frustrating applying to a lender and getting declined, leaving a permanent mark on your credit file and wasting your time.

When you find a lender that you want to apply for a loan with on allthelenders, we are able to tell you if you will get accepted or are eligible to apply, before making a full application, all without affecting your credit score.  Here’s how it works:

Payday Loans & Short Term Loans:  We will present your payday loan application to the lenders we work with in real-time and they will give us an instant response as to whether you would be eligible for a loan with them and if the answer is no, we’ll try other lenders until we find one that may be able to give you the loan you need.  You’ll then be sent on to the lenders website where you can continue your application.

Personal Loans & Credit Cards:  Performing an eligibility check for a personal loan or credit card, we’re able to show you all of the loans or credit cards you’re eligible for as well as your chances of acceptance and in some cases even pre-approval with guaranteed rates.  From the results, you’re able to make your own choice as to who you wish to proceed with.

None of this affects your credit score, so it saves you time and cuts out the frustration of making multiple applications to different lenders. Lenders may perform a soft check of your credit report to ensure that you’re eligible to apply but this isn’t visible to other lenders and won’t harm your credit report.

It’s important to remember that even if a lender is able to accept an application from you, the final loan decision will be subject to a credit, fraud and affordability check so a loan isn’t guaranteed until you’ve received a formal offer from a lender.

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What We Do

Everything that you find on allthelenders is designed around helping people get access to trusted loans & credit cards from reputable short term loan lenders, personal loan lenders and credit card providers. We know how frustrating it can be trying to search the market and getting declined from lenders that could never consider your application, so let us take the hard work out of finding a loan or other credit product. When using allthelenders, you can be assured that you are using a fully FCA authorised credit broker. Here are the services we offer:

Payday Loan & Short Term Loan Price Comparison

If you are in need of short term finance, then a short term loan could be the answer. With no long commitments, short term loans are paid out usually on the same day and loans are very tightly regulated. We compare more short term lenders than most other sites (please note, we do not cover whole of market) and often have exclusive rates and offers that you won’t find anywhere else.  With a short term loan you could borrow £100 to £1500 over 3 to 12 months.

Compare Short Term Loans

Personal Loans & Credit Card Eligibility Check

If a short term or payday loan isn’t what you need and you need to borrow a larger amount for a longer time, then our Personal Loans & Credit Card Eligibility Check may be exactly what you need. From just a short application form we’re able to return to you a personalised set of results detailing the lenders that you are eligible to apply to, as well as an indication of how likely you are of getting accepted.  In some cases, you may also get a pre-approval offer.  We empower you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about the personal loans and credit cards available to you, and you can continue to apply with confidence.  Personal Loans are available from £500 to £35,000 from 1 to 7 years.

Personal Loans Credit Cards

The Benefits of Price Comparison

As with most things in life, it’s always best to shop around to make sure you can get the very best deal possible and this rings true when looking for a loan, credit card, bank account or any other type of financial product. When you are dealing with financial products it is even more important for you to have an unbiased view of the market to make sure that you are not overpaying or being misled.

We are proud to help UK residents with both good and bad credit find the best loan or credit card for their own personal circumstances.  If you have a poor credit score, you may find yourself unable to get a loan from the mainstream lenders in the market and this can leave you feeling deflated and unsure where to turn. Here at allthelenders, we can help people with some history of bad credit get the loan that they need by working closely with an array of lenders and other providers that want to lend to people with less than perfect credit.

Lenders that specialise in bad credit loans often charge a higher rate of interest than other lenders and because of this reason, comparing rates is even more important as loan costs can vary greatly from one bad credit lender to another and could mean the difference in repaying thousands of pounds.

Using a price comparison website means that you get a better overview of the lenders and products available in the market and allows you to make a better, more educated decision.

Compare Short Term Loans

Compare your Credit Card Offers Now

Check your eligibility for a credit card from the UK’s top providers from one simple form

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We are independent, impartial & fair

Since allthelenders first opened its doors in 2012 we have always been an advocate of fair financial comparisons and clear and transparent facts about the products we offer. This is still true to this day and you can be assured that all of our comparisons are fair and impartial.

We are not owned by a large corporation or insurance company, we are a UK based business that wants to help customers get access to the credit they need by providing access to a large panel of lenders that cover a broad array of financial products, from payday and short term loans to personal loans and credit cards.

We may receive a commission for loans or credit cards that originate through this website, this will never affect the price of any loan or credit card offered to you.

Personal Loan Eligibility Check

Are you struggling with debt?

Debt is something that affects almost everyone at some point in their life and it often carries a certain stigma with it, making it hard to find people to talk to.

If you are currently in debt and looking for a loan or credit card, borrowing your way out of debt is almost certainly going to make your situation worse, especially if you are considering using high cost credit products such as payday loans.

Our Support Hub has a wealth of useful guides, information and advice on how to deal with debt, creditors and ways to get you back on track.

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Why is your credit score so important?

Having a good credit score and financial history can open many doors for you, including getting better rates on future borrowing and larger limits on credit cards, allowing you to make your own money go further.

Credit scores are a useful way for you to get a quick visualisation of how lenders see you but in reality the credit score is really just for your own use, lenders do not simply look at your score and if it’s below their own score decline you or if it’s above their minimum allowed score accept you.

Lenders take a look at your whole financial situation and consider their risk according to what is known as a scorecard. This lenders scorecard sets out the minimum criteria that a lender requires before they will accept a customer for a loan, credit card, overdraft or any other form of credit.

A lender’s scorecard is always kept secret and they vary greatly from lender to lender. Lenders are always updating their scorecards as well, which is why sometimes even if you have borrowed from a lender before and repaid the loan, they may decline a further application from you.

Having a good credit score is a strong indicator that your managing your finances well and should mean that you will access to some of the best borrowing rates around.

Keeping an eye on your credit score is extremely important and there are lots of different ways in which you can do this. One great way to understand where your credit score sits is using a credit reference reporting service like Experian. Experian show you what lenders see when they check your credit report, they give you the tools you need to improve your credit score and access the best deals on the market. Experian tools are 100% free to use and you can check them out online for free.

Personal Loan Eligibility Check

allthelenders – Putting you in control

One of our main goals is being able to bring you lenders and products that you will not find anywhere else. Over the 10 years that we have been working in personal finance, in particular the bad credit sector, we have worked with more than 120 different lenders.

It’s important to know that whilst we strive to work with as many lenders as possible, we do not cover the whole of the market for any of the financial products we compare, including short term and payday lenders or bad credit personal loan lenders. The industry moves at such a pace and is forever changing so it is near impossible for one comparison site to cover an entire market where there may be hundreds of lenders.

We always want to work with as many lenders as possible to be able to bring our customers the widest choice of payday loan and credit providers, after all, a comparison site with just a few products isn’t much use to anyone.

Our approach to our visitors has always been to act with honesty, integrity and trust. Our comparisons are always up to date using live rates, they’re not misleading and they’ll always be listed with the cheapest loan first. We want you to save money, not spend more.

Remember, high cost short term credit is unsuitable to support sustained borrowing over long periods and would be expensive as a means of longer term borrowing. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, a payday loan or short term loan could make your situation worse, please visit the Moneyhelper. website for practical advice about managing your finances.

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